Helping Writers with Medical or Scientific Input

We are helping medical & scientific writers to bring input into their writings or project. We can do this for you too now, quickly and cost effectively. Please complete the following free, no obligation, questionnaire so as we can fully understand your needs.

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Highly recommend Medical Writing Input to writers for advice with authenticating medical scenes in their novels, or for any medical writing.

What is this going to cost?

When we have reviewed the questionnaire, that you have filled out to get medical writing help or clinical medical writing services, whether it is medical editing or medical copywriting, then we can give you a precise quote. However, as a guide for you, our charges are:

500-1000 words

Review and Medical Input

1000-5000 words

Review and Medical Input

In practice, most people require a €50.00 medical input.

Please do not attach any copy at this stage. Completing this questionnaire implies no obligation on your part. This is a free assessment to allow us to see what you need and to help you in term of medical writing or scientific writing help.

Once you have completed the questionnaire above, along with your email address and have returned it to us, we promise to get back to you with a final quotation for work required within 24 hours.

About Us

This service for writers is directed by Dr. Andrew Rynne a medical doctor and a doctor who writes with over forty years’ experience. Other medical professionals may be consulted by us from time to time to input into your writing or project as the need arises.

See links to Dr. Rynne’s writing and a recent RTE broadcasted on his life below.

In addition to providing everything from medical writing help, scientific writing help to surgical writing and medical input, we also extend our expertise in these services:




Review, suggestions and comment on your writing project


Input into videos and film script

Example areas where we have had Medical Writing Inputs

  • Describing medical or surgical conditions with symptoms and treatment and outcome. Coronary artery disease, diabetes, epilepsy, stroke, motor neuron disease, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer, Munchausen’s Disease and more.
  • Describing developmental issues like Autism, Asperger’s syndrome, learning difficulties. How they behave, how they can be helped, what final outcome may be expected.
  • Describing personality disorder, inadequate/immature personality, psychopathy, problems in pregnancy, birth defects and so on. How to suspect in infancy, early warnings.
  • Substance abuse including alcoholism, drug and gambling addiction. How these can affect the foetus.
  • Major psychosis like schizophrenia and manic-depressive disease. What it looks like. How will it play out? Suicidal ideation. Suicidal methods.
  • If you want to “get rid” of your heroes or villains, we’ll show how to do it.
  • Marital breakdown and relationship problems and the dynamics of that, we have covered this.
  • Pharmaceutical developments and “breakthroughs” in medicine. How are these things tested in clinical trials and brought to market? How they might cheat these regulations and manipulate the data to their advantage. Criminal behaviour in doctors. Medical Council and regulatory authorities.


These are only some examples of areas in your writing that we can help you with. There are many many more of course that require medical editing services, medical copywriting services and many more.

Please complete the free questionnaire we will tell you how we can help you, within 24 hours. If we cannot help you then we will say so.


We are helping writers with input into their writing or project, that requires any medical input or scientific input. See examples above.

Yes. Here you are offered an immediate 100%, no quibble returns of your payments, if you are not completely satisfied with the help that you have received from us.

Yes. Your privacy is absolutely protected here. We understand how important this may be to you and promise NEVER to disclose anything about you or your work to any third party ever.

No, we will get back to you as quickly as possibly once you have completed this simple questionnaire.  This usually will be in less than 24 hours.

You can get an idea about the costs here. It’s on a sliding scale depending on how much work for us is involved.

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