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Medical Input

When your writing touches on a subject involving some medical discipline, you may find yourself needing expert help. As a medical practitioner with 40 years

Scientific Inputs

Scientific writing on whatever subject, requires expert input. You cannot afford to get this wrong or you risk ridicule or being ladled a ‘chancer’.

Editing and Proofreading

Even the smallest typing error or mistake in a document can create a negative impression about you among the readers.


Need medical copywriting services? You are at the right place. Medical Writing Input is a one-stop solution to create persuasive copies that turn lead into sales.


Ghost-writing is a common practice but it is not publicized often. A ghost-writer is someone who writes a fresh copy or refreshes the existing copy for the author.

Review & Suggestions

It is easy to write content but difficult to analyse it. Perhaps, you have a well-written copy in your hand – you must be 100% sure before publishing your

Input into videos and film script

Video or film script writing is one of the crucial tasks, especially if it is related to the medical field, that we willingly undertake. A great video is the result of a great script.

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